Growing up in the inner city of Compton, I was raised in a very negative environment and saw first-hand how challenging a successful life was to achieve. I knew that if I wanted to get out, my success depended on me, no one else. Leaving home at the tender age of 15, I dropped out of school and searched for an effective and honest way to support my family. Thus, I began personal training. Seeing an opportunity to not only change the way I was living life, but to help others live a more fulfilling lifestyle as well, I started on my own journey to a physical and financial transformation.

Many years later, I am still committed to providing others guidance towards their own path of success. As an inspirational life and nutrition coach, it is my goal to take what I have learned and show you what a healthy lifestyle can do. Providing you with insight and knowledge on nutrition, meal planning, and supplements, I use my experience to help others reach their goals and find a new level of financial freedom.

I did not grow up with a father figure in my life and did not have someone to set a good example. I want to be the father my children can look up to, following in my footsteps and understanding that whatever you set your mind to, you can accomplish with the right training and guidance. Living life to its fullest, while establishing a stable income, I invite you to join my mission and let me show you the way to reach your dreams.